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History and Overview of Gym Rats

Iowa Gym Rats is an organization developed in 2008, that specializes in hosting basketball tournaments for the youth here in Iowa and around the Midwest.

Prior to 2008, Iowa Gym Rats held and organized all events for a club basketball program called All Iowa Attack. In 2008, Iowa Gym Rats was formed and quickly expanded the events here in Central Iowa. 

Our 1st year was a great success as we found a great home in Ankeny, Iowa. The host site for all Iowa Gym Rats events will be Fligg Fieldhouse. The fieldhouse offers 6 courts under one roof. There are 3 high school and 3 college floors inside the facility, along with "The Huddle Cafe" a full fledge cafe.

The main goal of Iowa Gym Rats is to host tournaments that are professional and organized in a manner that respects everyone's time and efforts. We also want the young athletes involved to feel special when they play in our events and in order to accomplish that We do our best to accomplish the following for each event:
1. Communicate with teams and parents in order to keep everyone fully aware of what is to be expected. 
2. Schedule, rules, and gym directions are sent out in a timely manner. You will have everything atleast one week before the event.
3. Offer top notch facilities.
4. Hire only Iowa High Certified Officials.
5. Keep games on time and running smooth.
6. We have fun.

In the end our wish is for the players, coaches, and parents to have a good time!

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